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2013 Missions

The Team was called out to assist with 22 search and rescue problems in 2013 which included: Recovery of an avalanche victim near Marble, searches for overdue backcounty skiers and hikers, various mountain bike and ATV accidents, assistance to other County agencies, including sending a team to the Front Range during the devastating September floods.

6 May Friends Hut

A 45 y/o man was evacuated from the Friends Hut during the night after he was unable to ski out due to an ankle injury sustained the previous day. The 12 K evacuation was hampered by soft snow, patchy mud, and stream crossings. Cooler night temperatures were advantageous in firming the snow pack for the evacuation team. Twelve members responded. The subject was released to friends in town at approximately 0500.

21 April Horse Rescue

CBSAR requested to assist with the extrication of a 1700 pound Belgian draft horse from a bog. The effort was inhibited by cold weather and snow, taking over 5 hours. SAR worked under the direction of a local large-animal vet. The animal was successfully extricated, but later died from exhaustion.

14 February Elkton Hut Rescue

Snow machine evacuation of injured backcountry skier from the Elkton Huts. Complaint was an unstable ankle injury.