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4 October 2017 ~ Horse Ranch Park Loop

Overdue Hiker Near Horse Ranch Park Loop

A concerned family member contacted Mt. Crested Butte Police Dept. for a hiker who has not been heard from for 24 hours. Last report stated she planned on hiking a small loop trail located off of CR 12 (Kebler Pass). Her car was located at the trailhead parking lot. CBMRT deployed 3 separate teams to search the hiking trails around Horse Ranch Park. Team 1 searched the Ruby/Anthracite trail to Dark Canyon trail. Team 2 searched Dark Canyon from Horse Ranch Park and Team 3 searched trail 838 – Dyke trail towards Oh Be Joyful pass. A helicopter assisted in the mission as well with aerial views. During the time of this mission, another overdue hiker had been reported. To our surprise, that vehicle was found at the same trailhead. The 2 separate parties were found together on Dark Canyon Trail and successfully extricated with no injuries or medical care needed. They ran into each other the day prior, both lost. They fortunately were able to find a hunter’s tent and hunkered down for the night with food and fire.

8 September 2017 ~ Hasley Basin/North Fork Trail

Hasley Basin/North Fork Trail ~ Possible Broken Ankle

CBMRT received report of a female patient with a possible broken ankle and was unable to walk. As we were losing day light, a helicopter inserted 2 members into the field next to the patient. An additional 2 members went into the field via Schofield pass – devils punch bowl to lead king basin. The 2 walked in to meet the other team with a litter and wheel. The patient was then transported out of the field via litter. A member from West Elk SAR assisted in the mission and was able to transport the patient to their personal vehicle located at Geneva Lake who then proceeded to the hospital. Mission time 1700 – 0100.

13 August 2017 ~ West Face of Snowmass

West Face of Snowmass Mission ~ Cliffed Out Hikers

On Sunday, Aug 13, 2017, a Spot activation message was received for 2 parties in distress. The parties had a Garmin inReach with texting ability. After further information and confirmation was obtained, CBMRT organized a 2 person team to obtain more information about the location of the parties via helicopter. Due to the timing, a ground team would be dispatched into the field first thing in the morning. The parties were located the night prior under night vision goggles from the helicopter. CBMRT was able to mark their positions. CBMRT maintained communications throughout the night with the parties who state they are uninjured however cliffed out on loose rock and in a dangerous spot. A hasty team of 4 were transported to the parties in the morning. CBMRT was able to ascend to their position and secure the parties in harnesses and on rope. The team then performed a San Juan pickoff and lowered both parties approximately 60 meters without incident. Although the parties had to spend the night in dangerous terrain and a rain/snow mix, the 2 remained positive and were extricated successfully. No medical care was needed.

10 December 2016 ~ Top of The World

Top of the world mission ~ Snowmobile injury

CBSAR was activated to the area of Top of the World off Washington Gulch for the report of a female patient with a possible right femur fracture from a snowmobile accident. A hasty team responded, followed by additional CBMRT members and resources. The injury was splinted, patient packaged and successfully extricated from the field and transported to Gunnison Hospital for further care.