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Radio Channel 7-0 – Common Backcountry Radio Channel Program

New this year, CBSAR encourages backcountry users to communicate with each other and other backcountry travelers using radio channel 7, sub channel 0. Our goal is to help prevent backcountry accidents by giving backcountry users a tool to communicate with others to maintain safe conditions. You can let others below you know you’ll be dropping into a certain area, communicate with others your location, as well as avalanche and other hazardous conditions you may come across. The more we can communicate while in the backcountry, the better we become at creating a safe environment and able to get help to those in need.

Please help us by sharing your experiences, both good and bad, while using radio channel 7, sub channel 0. Share your thoughts, concerns and suggestions in our open Facebook Group, CBSAR Common Backcountry Radio Program – Channel 7; Sub Ch 0. Let us know how radio channel 7, sub channel 0 works for you in better communicating with others while in the backcountry.

CBSAR Facebook Group