13 August 2017 ~ West Face of Snowmass

West Face of Snowmass Mission ~ Cliffed Out Hikers

On Sunday, Aug 13, 2017, a Spot activation message was received for 2 parties in distress. The parties had a Garmin inReach with texting ability. After further information and confirmation was obtained, CBMRT organized a 2 person team to obtain more information about the location of the parties via helicopter. Due to the timing, a ground team would be dispatched into the field first thing in the morning. The parties were located the night prior under night vision goggles from the helicopter. CBMRT was able to mark their positions. CBMRT maintained communications throughout the night with the parties who state they are uninjured however cliffed out on loose rock and in a dangerous spot. A hasty team of 4 were transported to the parties in the morning. CBMRT was able to ascend to their position and secure the parties in harnesses and on rope. The team then performed a San Juan pickoff and lowered both parties approximately 60 meters without incident. Although the parties had to spend the night in dangerous terrain and a rain/snow mix, the 2 remained positive and were extricated successfully. No medical care was needed.